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Foreign Brand Registration in Iran

Foreign Brand Registration in Iran

Foreign Brand Registration in Iran


Documents required A Power of attorney duly notarized and legalized up to the Iranian Consulate.

If our office was not responsible for the filing of the previous renewals, a simple recto verso copy of the registration certificate is required. If the trademark has already been renewed, a copy of the last renewal certificate will be necessary. The period for the renewal of a trademark is maximum 6 months before the expiry date of ten years. The application for renewal cannot be filed before this period in the Registration Office. If no application for renewal is filed within this period, a six month grace period to renew the trademark, is granted from the renewal due date with a fine.


According to the Iranian Trademark and Patent Law, all changes brought about in a trademark previously registered must be recorded in the Iranian Registration Office. Therefore, the change of name , address, status of the proprietor, or an assignment should be recorded in the Iranian Trademark and Patent Office.

  • Change of Name
  • Change of Address


  • Change of Legal Status
  • Assignment
  • Duplicate of Registration/Renewal Certificate
  • License
  • Addition/ Deletion of Class(es)
  • Substitution (replacement of the national trademark by international registered trademark in Iran)
  • Alteration of Trademark
  • Cancellation
  • Late Filing of Documents

A six-month respite is granted to foreign applicants to complete their documents

Rejection by Registration Office

After submitting the application with all the required documents to the Registration Office, within a period of approximately one month, the Registrar will either accept the application and the registration procedure will start or he will reject it with an official notification to the applicant or his legal representative. The applicant has the right within 60 days from the date of notification, to contest the Registrar’s decision by filing a response with the Special Commission. In such a case, the registration procedure or the nullification of the application depends on the Special Commission’s decision. If the Commission’s decision is in our favor. We arrange for the first publication in the Iranian Official Gazette. If there is no third party opposition within 30 days from the advertisement is published, then the trademark will be registered in Iran. In contrary, we may file a petition with the court against the Commission’s decision.